In this section I'll include events and exhibitions around Tucson that are of interest to photography enthusiasts. I'll also list some of my favorite photography-related web sites.

Web Sites

One of my favorite sites is Michael Reichmann's The Luminous Landscape. This web site features equipment reviews as well as how-to articles treating a variety of photographic subjects. Michael is primarily a landscape photographer of long experience, but his pictures cover a wide variety of subjects. The discussion forum on this site is also quite informative, if somewhat geeky.

Another site I visit every day is The Online Photographer. This is Michael Johnston's photography blog. He is an erudite and literate editor and writer on photography. His posts several times a week, cover history, criticism, discussions of specific phtographers, and discussions of equipment (though usually not detailed reviews). Another great feature of the site is the moderated comments section where the positings are almost always intelligent and interesting. The site also features occasional print sales where collectible prints by excellent photographers are offered at well below gallery prices.

This site was built using the Lightroom plugins from The Turning Gate. Since I use Adobe Lightroom almost exclusively for processing my pictures, this was a good match for me. Matthew Campagna has built plughin modules that allow you to construct complex and good looking photography web sites. There's a learning curve to using these, but Matthew has made it as easy as resonably possible.

Places and Events

Tucson is home to a world-class photography archive: The Center for Creative Photography on the University of Arizona campus. The CCP is home to the archives of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, W. Eugene Smith, and many, many others. Exhibits are held almost continuously in the gallery. There are also print viewings once a month on the first Friday. This is a chance to see images from the collection up close and not behind glass. There are also regular events and lectures, often related to the current gallery exhibit.